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Oma Green

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Control Your Expenses Smartly with a Wallet

Posted by Oma Green on April 12 2017, 18:51pm

Spending more than what the pocket allows is everyone’s story at some or the other phase of life. Whenever you tend to spend more, you must be wishing for an omnipresent fiend who could guide you to spend wisely. However, not in the wildest of your dreams would you have wished of having a wallet that could smartly solve the purpose and advise you to spend wisely.

You must have already spent a lot of money in the last festive season, without thinking of the consequences it may make you get into after some years. You may have some cash deposits in bank, but remember, all deposits come to an end some day if some amount of money is not added to those deposits every now and then. If you keep on spending extravagantly and without giving any thought to your future you may soon get into the trap of loans and debts in near future.

In order to get rid of your extravagance and to help you make your future secure, John Kestner, a product designer, has come with an extremely innovative and helpful wallet, called the “Smart” wallet.

John Kestner works as a designer for MIT media labs and calls this product invention of his a smart wallet because just like a true friend, this wallet can help you to spend judiciously and advice you on not spending extravagantly. According to him, this smart wallet is also called the proverbial wallets and is available in three various flavors. Each flavor of this wallet makes use of a Bluetooth connection which is linked to your cell phone and subsequently with your bank account. Owing to this connection, the wallet keeps a check on the amount of ready cash in your bank account at any point of time.

Whenever you tend to spend more or the amount of ready cash in your bank account decreases, the hinge attached to the mother bear in the wallet makes it difficult for the wallet to open, thus helping you to cut down on your expenditures. Based on the available amount of cash, the mechanical arm that is part of the peacock can expand or contract to increase or decrease the space inside the wallet that you can access.

The Bumblebee in the wallet comes with a motor that vibrates every time you carry out a transaction at some store or online using the bank account that is connected to your smart wallet.

Although the complete concept may be called novelty by many, the smart wallet is definitely a useful accessory for people who tend to spend more because of its alarming property that alarms the owners whenever they spend more than what they can afford based on the ready cash in their bank account.

The designer, John Kestner, has already worked on the features and prototypes for each of this range of smart wallets and is currently on a look out for investors and manufacturers who could put his dream into reality and start with the production of these wallets.

However, what you may be wondering is the price for which you could own one of these smart wallets after production.


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