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Oma Green

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Book Review, Nameless by Claire Kent

Posted by Oma Green on May 17 2017, 13:52pm

Categories: #book review, #Nameless, #Claire Kent

3.5 hearts

Nameless by Claire Kent Book Review

The connection they shared was real, but it was neither definable nor easy. They weren't really friends. Weren't in love.

It was something different. Something nameless.

Oookaayy..hmmm. Not sure about this one. It’s not hearts and flowers and any drama doesn't come from outside influences. Normally, I enjoy books with both of those aspects. However, I did find myself intrigued by this book and kept on reading even though I was a bit put off by the characters.

Erin was married for 2 years to Marcus who she describes as controlling. Now, the only evidence we have of this is that she decided not to attend law school, so that she could follow him while he was rising the ranks in his career. Other than that, she described him as always wanting to be on top during sex! Is that all that he did to her? I was dumbfounded by her. She now has in her words strongholds such as her job, her apartment, etc. that belong to her and keep her independent. She is so afraid of someone controlling her that I found it ironic that she was hell-bent on no man controlling her, yet she was allowing her situation in her marriage to control her life, now. Enter, Seth. Seth is a powerful defense attorney and has no desire for intimacy or relationships. He and Erin have a drunken one night stand and she becomes pregnant. Now, they navigate the waters of how to co-parent and neither is sure what to do.

I did enjoy the witty banter between the two, but Erin and her poor decisions made me disconnect from her. I think someone with Seth's troubled childhood would have more trouble adjusting, but it seemed to be Erin with the problems. Seth evolves in the story and I can tell that he wants to redeem himself with the new baby and Erin. Erin, I still wanted to slap some sense into. She was whiney and controlling. I hated that their parenting arrangement was more like a business deal. Overall, I just wasn't too thrilled with this one.

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