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Oma Green

Interested in learning more about online marketing? Check out our blog for the latest information and advice from experts.

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  • Book Review, Nameless by Claire Kent

    17 May 2017 ( #book review, #Nameless, #Claire Kent )

    3.5 hearts Nameless by Claire Kent Book Review The connection they shared was real, but it was neither definable nor easy. They weren't really friends. Weren't in love. It was something different. Something nameless. Oookaayy..hmmm. Not sure about this...

  • Control Your Expenses Smartly with a Wallet

    12 April 2017

    Spending more than what the pocket allows is everyone’s story at some or the other phase of life. Whenever you tend to spend more, you must be wishing for an omnipresent fiend who could guide you to spend wisely. However, not in the wildest of your dreams...

  • How To Save Money On Grocery Shopping

    12 April 2017

    Often, when people who are in financially strapped situations, their grocery shopping ends up on their credit cards. This can be a very dangerous practice, especially if you are unable to pay off the balance every month. The good new is groceries are...

  • Creating a budget with financial planning

    12 April 2017

    When you establish your budget for the future months or years, you should take several aspects in consideration. Before starting to apply the plan, you would better check it to see if it is reachable. In this case, the help of an established financial...

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